By Sanjit Mandal

Have you considered adding a blog to your website? If not, you really should! Having a good, informative, business-related blog will boost your business in ways you probably haven’t even thought of.

A company blog, in this day and age, is a strong marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. To make the reasoning behind having a company blog a little more clear, here is a simple list of 5 ways a blog will help your business grow.

1. Improve Your SEO

With an adequate approach, good descriptions and titles, you will be able to boost your Google ranking considerably. The math is simple – useful information that you give out into the world will generate more traffic. More traffic means more leads. More leads mean more clients for you.

You will have to put some effort into it and try to think about engaging and interesting subjects to write about, as well as coming up with killer titles, but in the end it will be worth it.

2. Create Content for Social Media

Anyone who’s tried to maintain a business-related social media page knows how difficult it can be to come up with interesting, engaging, informative posts on daily basis. If you write a regular blog, you can link it to your social media and give it an additional advertisement.

It is also another platform where you can actively interact with your potential customers, answer their questions and help them out.

3. Build Your Credibility and Authority

A blog is a great way to display your expertise. By creating meaningful, helpful and informative content you will become a credible source among your potential customers. And people tend to buy from someone who knows what he’s talking about.

You will also be able to create a unique, recognizable voice for your company. Making yourself heard (and seen), means that potential customers will be more trustworthy and relaxed in communication with you.

4. Create a Reputation Among the Competition

A blog is a great platform to let the competition know just how awesome your company is. It is not merely a scare tactic, though. It is also a great way for interacting with knowledgeable people within your industry. You can build a platform where experts will gather and interact – exchange information, discuss different subjects. Guest posts are a great way of starting to build such a platform.

All of this will create more traffic on your website.

5. Use It As a Virtual Showroom

A blog is basically a virtual display of your products and services which gives you the opportunity to explain in great detail what makes your products and your services superior to the competition’s. But, when doing so, you have to be careful. You have to manage tooting your own horn, while still being informative and giving the customer some value.

All in all, while maintaining a blog may seem like a ton a work and, to be honest, a bit of a drag, in the end it will pay off big time. Your potential customers will feel like they have usefully spent some time browsing your webpage, learning new things.

You will be able to establish yourself as a leader in your field of business, not only among potential clients, but also among your peers. The hard work and the significant amount of time you’ll have to spend writing your blog will in the end result in more customers and your business will blossom.