By Jennifer Warren

Snapchat has been around since 2011. It started having a good hold since 2013 (after the hacking episode, to be precise). Today, it ranks fourth among the most widely used social media apps. Snapchat has 100 million active users in a day sharing more than 400 million snaps and videos. The majority of its users fall in the category of 18 to 40, which is the crux of the market for any business. After understanding the use of Instagram for business growth, Snapchat is becoming an effective tool for many businesses, small and large. Small businesses especially, are using Snapchat as an asset. The idea of real-time posting is quite innovative and effective for any business.

Let’s explore five reasons why you should be using Snapchat in your small business.

1. Tap the Adrenaline Rush

The most effective way to use Snapchat is to live stream an event and give live updates about it. Hence, it can be used for trade shows, product launches or one-to-one marketing. We saw the vividness of Snapchat’s usage during the Euro Cup this year as well as during the string of various fashion weeks. Thus, Snapchat is a trendy way to engage your audience by giving them unique access to such events.

2. Teasing Effect of Private Content

In the recent times, Snapchat is being used to provide an exclusive look of brands, product, and releases. Do you remember Selena Gomez’s famous Snapchat story revolving around her video shoot, the video of which released months later? Such stories keep the excitement regarding the product high among followers though the actual product may not be out. We saw a lot of behind-the-scene snaps and videos of many celebrities this year during the Oscars. And you can take your followers behind the curtain just like celebrities. Make sure you use geo-filters to make the content engaging.

3. Special Invites and Demonstrations

Whether you want to announce a flash sale, preview or demonstrate the use of a product, special invites generates curiosity among the followers. You can even frame special quizzes and pop events that give away rewards, credit points, and other benefits. Share snapcodes, too. By giving product demonstrations and private tours to your followers, you give an exclusive access to them about the product.

4. Mutualism and Collaborations

Just like Instagram users of many rising brands promote each other or two famous Youtubers appear in each other’s videos, in the same way, you can approach another business for such positive symbiotic collaboration. Such tie-ups surely result in an increase in the number of followers for both the parties which may ultimately result in a rise in sales.

5. Instant Connectivity

While setting up a new business, you can create a Snapchat story that includes the people involved with the business. For example, your staff and employees can introduce themselves to your followers and share their dreams, ambitions, stories of their struggle or life situations. This makes the Snapchat story more relatable and creates a personal connection. You can even share your success stories or famous partners or customers. Advertise your business. You can even share inspiring stories of your followers.

Snapchat Tips for your Small Business:

  • Your snaps should be clear, precise and convey a definite message. A snap/video is all you have to do the magic.
  • While updating a live event, make sure you don’t keep a lot of time gap between two snaps or videos.
  • Bring variation in the filter and use contrast text for a new event. People remember something because of the unique memory associated with it. You can even custom your geo-filter.
  • Check your content twice before you post it. If necessary, plan in advance about the content you want to post. Do adequate research about it.
  • Respond immediately in case you get a feedback for a snap. This will keep the users engaged to the event/product.
  • Humanize your brand or business. That’s what the most important element for the establishment is.
  • Try to garnish your content with humor. That keeps the user interested.
  • Keep the users involved by asking them to take a snap of your product while they use them and make it a part of your timeline. This will make the customer feel valued.

To sum it up, the motto of any business is to reach out to maximum users and make the best use of an opportunity. So why not use one of the most powerful and effective tools available. After all, some great stories are told on Snapchat, too.