In today’s digital age, business people have an opportunity to make their mailing processes efficient through document digitization. Adopting document digitization has become a critical initiative for many businesses today as they look to improve efficiency, enhance risk management, advance their customer service, and reduce their carbon footprint.   

Notably, businesses today can now send certified mail online instead of spending a significant amount of time and money going to the post office to mail important customer documents. With certified mail provided by secure online printing and mailing platforms, companies can send certified mail by uploading documents, entering their details, selecting certified mail, and then clicking the send button. Moreover, another good thing about online certified mail is that the mailing platform will store all your tracking details in their dashboard for effortless tracking of certified mail transactions.    

With that in mind, if you’re a business owner looking for ways to send mail efficiently while ensuring tracking and accurate delivery, read the critical points below to learn why online certified mail is worth considering.   

1) Proof Of Mailing   

Proof of mailing, or certificate of mailing, is a document confirming the date the online printing and mailing platform accepts your mail for sending. It’s an official record that can help you prove you sent the item to your customer who has yet to receive it. Instead of simply sending a document and having no proof of sending it, certified mail enables you to provide proof that you sent it.    

Moreover, when sending payments, whether it’s written credit card information or in the form of a check, having proof of mailing is critical. With online certified mail and the certificate of mailing it provides, you’ll have evidence of your attempt to send a payment in case of late fees, discrepancies, or unreceived payments.   

In essence, sending certified mail online and purchasing this proof of mailing is worth considering to protect your small business, especially if your business involves sending necessary payments, paperwork, or documents.    

2) Proof Of Delivery   

Along with proof of mailing, online certified mail is worth considering because it provides delivery notifications and signature confirmation of receipt. It’s proof of delivery confirming that the recipient received the document. Since there’s always a possibility that a letter won’t make it to the recipient, you can send certified mail online to help ensure the critical document you sent reaches its intended destination. Consequently, since you’ll have confirmation that customers’ papers arrived at their places, you can avoid the risk of resending the documents. Moreover, it allows you to provide a better customer experience by having more visibility into your customers’ orders.    

Essentially, the proof of delivery that comes with sending certified email online is an accountability measure. The recipient shall only sign the proof of delivery electronically upon receiving the document. Hence, sending certified mail online is worth considering, especially if your business involves sending legal, financial, and other critical documents.   

3) Advanced Mail Tracking  

Traditionally, sending certified mail is time-consuming as it involves going to a post office and doing everything manually. But today, businesses have the opportunity to send countless numbers of mail through their computers and mobile devices and track them at any time. With the help of mailing platforms that provide advanced tools to send and track certified mail, you and your customers no longer have to overthink during the delivery process. Online printing and mailing platforms today let you and customers keep track of mail pieces directly from any device and provide a real-time update on each piece of mail.  

Consequently, the mail tracking that online mailing platforms provide helps you build customer trust since you give them peace of mind by letting them know their documents are coming to their intended place. It also speaks volumes about business credibility and creates an excellent customer experience.  

Furthermore, delivery delays may be inevitable, and it’s more bothersome for customers if they don’t know how long their documents will arrive. But fortunately, with advanced mail tracking, you can minimize customer complaints. Letting them know the status of their mail piece will help reduce complaints and misunderstandings.  

4) Stolen Or Missing Mail Protection  

With millions of mail pieces traveling through the US postal system, many mail customers worry about cases of mail theft or their item getting lost in the process. They are aware that their mail might be a vulnerable target for identity theft; mail thieves can mine their mail for essential information that they can use to perform identity fraud. But fortunately, with online certified mail, you and mail customers don’t need to worry about customers complaining about missing or stolen mail, and it also in turn gives identity theft protection. Since you can track certified mail online, you can avoid the risk of stolen or missing mail because certified mail requires the item to be delivered directly to the intended receiver.   

Essentially, with online certified mail, you can benefit from its extra layer of accountability protection feature and ensure customers’ items reach their intended destination.  

5) Digital Record Keeping  

While some businesses still want to keep physical business data, having digital versions of customer data is essential today. Digital record-keeping lets companies track customer information quickly with just a few clicks. On top of that, it helps them ensure customer data is safe and secure against data theft and other unexpected events like fire and flood. Moreover, when it comes to digital record-keeping, it’s more manageable to backup critical information, store it in the cloud or other secure locations, and access it when needed.  

Accordingly, if your staff deals with large volumes of certified mail, you can help them be more productive with the digital record-keeping of online certified mail. As long as you keep the tracking information, this online process of sending certified mail allows you to keep digital records for up to ten years. If you need to confirm or dispute delivery, you can easily access and use these digital records stored in online portals.   


Today, online printing and mailing platforms help businesses create and print mailing labels through their computers instead of going to the post office and waiting in line to send certified mail. They provide valuable services, such as digital record-keeping, mail tracking, proof of mailing, and electronic delivery confirmations. With that in mind, if your business focuses on sending critical documents, you may find online certified mail worth considering.