Digital Marketing in Australia is growing at a very fast pace. The importance of digital marketing is now being realized by businesses. The growth of digital marketing is due to the fact that businesses realize their potential.

Businesses have shown a lot of promise when it comes to digital marketing. The experts have been quite optimistic about the growth and the rule of digital marketing in the business. Moreover, audiences’ intent is also changing and this has brought about changes in the trends of digital marketing.

Marketing experts have been quite optimistic about this change. As per them, this could lead to businesses being much more scalable. This improves the reliability of the customer’s success. Moreover, the consumer journey has come into focus.

In this article, we look into some such trends in digital marketing that businesses must look forward to. So, without wasting any further time later, step straight into it.

1.Optimizing the web page to have a smoother experience:

The web pages should be optimized so that a smoother search experience can help the users. A better searching experience will also ensure that the bounce rate will reduce.

One of the key trends in doing so is by using navigation. Having clear navigation for a user is always very helpful.

Another key criterion to look forward to is the bounce straight. When the users come into the webpage, they look forward to having instant results. If the results are not instantaneous, users may leave the web page.

The bounce straight can be reduced significantly by ensuring a couple of things. Having the right call to action for your product is always a great deal to have. Secondly, improving the webpage download speed is also important.

2.Improving the Geo tagging of your business:

Make sure that your business can be located easily. It has been shown as per the research that close to 33% of users search stores online before reaching them.

Using the right NAP ensures that your business is actually visible to the users. Giving the users a correct identification of your business will help them in reaching out to you. What is interesting to find out is that you must not give wrong details of name, address, and phone number.

Having a business in Google My Business is the best way that you can make it visible.

3. Importance of voice search is going to increase:

Voice search is going to play a very major role when it comes to search engine optimization. Users are looking forward to typing less and speaking more and this is where using the right keywords properly is going to help your business grow further.

Without a doubt, voice search is becoming one of the topmost priorities, and if your business is not looking forward to it, it’s in danger of being obliterated.

Moreover, voice search also means using the keywords properly, if the keywords are used properly by keeping the search intent in the proper place, then why search can yield some excellent results

4. Advertise on social media

It is expected that ads on social media will increase more than ever in 2022. This is because of the more ROI of ads than any other platform.

When the topic comes to ads on social media, Facebook is the number one platform for that. According to a report of Coschedule “92% marketers are using Facebook for advertising purposes”. Moreover, you can get better insights of the Facebook ads data by connecting it with Microsoft Power BI through some online tool.

Like Google Ads, you can customize your ads on Facebook depending on age, location, or target audience. If you want to try it for your Australian business then reach out to a reputed Facebook advertising agency.

5. Short form video or reels will grab more attention than ever

During the past couple of years, we witnessed the rising popularity of TikTok or Instagram reels. In 2022 it will be one of the best ways to promote products. According to Hubspot “in 2020 30% of social media marketers are planning to invest in short-form videos.” 

Maximum big brands already started using reels. In a short video, a brand gets the opportunity to:

  • Showcase their products.
  • Announcing discounts and offers.
  • Sharing product benefits.

The best platforms to promote business through short videos are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Snapchat.

Bottom line:

It’s important to understand that search engine optimization is taking over the business completely, while digital marketing is going through some important changes. Search engine optimization needs to be followed on a regular basis. If you’re a digital marketing agency, you would not like to miss it out, whereas if you’re a business that is looking forward to growing its own territory, then it’s important that the search engine optimization needs are catered to. It’s really important that you really look forward to implementing the same into your business before your competitors do it.