By Princess Jones

Expertise is a precious commodity. The more you have of it, the more others need you. If your business is in the service sector, your expertise is what lands you accounts. But having a wealth of knowledge and being seen as an expert are two different things. You have to start acting like an expert for people to see you as one. Here are a few ways to raise your profile in your chosen industry.

Start a Blog

Dedicate a blog to the subject you want to be seen as an expert on. Post frequently about your chosen subject and encourage conversation in the comment sections. Read and comment on other blogs that also focus on the subject. Allow other people who know what they’re talking about to guest post on your own blog and return the favor on theirs. Essentially, you’re building a community centered around your expertise and showing your enthusiasm for the subject day in and day out.

Start small: If you’re not ready to commit to a regular blog, consider guest posting on someone else’s blog. You can benefit from their audience and still get the chance to display your expertise.

Take on Speaking Engagements

Another smart way to show your expertise is through speaking engagements. Speaking gigs give you the opportunity to show off your knowledge in front of a live crowd. That could mean anything from a short talk in front of your local chamber of commerce to a panel at a conference to something as high profile as a Ted Talk series. After a speaking engagment, you’re not just someone who knows a lot about a subject; You’re someone who has spoken at Blogher on the subject.

Start small: If you’re not quite ready to start speaking in front of crowds, consider making videos instead. You can control your environment and start over when you mess up. After you’re done, you can post the videos on your website or blog.

Be Profiled in a Trade Magazine

Trade magazines are publications that cater to a specific industry. For example, if you’re in the pet product industry, you might subscribe to Pet Business, a publication that focuses on what retailers need to know in the pet industry. Not only do those magazines target your industry, they also hold events and often publish industry-specific reports. They’ve gathered your target audience for you and all you have to do is show up.

Start small: If you’re not in a position to pitch a profile to a trade magazine, consider making yourself available as a source for one of their stories. Most trade magazines have a yearly editorial calendar that describes what each issue will focus on. Each article relies on a number of outside sources to provide information about the subject. If you’re one of them, your name and business will appear in print in front of your target audience.

Write a Book

One the surest ways to be seen as an expert in your field is to write a book about what you know. Nonfiction books solve problems so yours should focus on a central problem or task that you are going to help the reader to overcome. Once your book is done, you can use it as a promotional item or giveaway. For example, you might give away a copy of your book every time someone signs up for your mailing lists.

Start small: Not sure if you have the time or chops to write a full book? Start with a white paper. Take a problem and explain how your method or advice can solve it. Then use your white paper as a promotional item or a giveaway.