By Susan Guillory

Ego. We’ve all got one, and often it is what stands between us and success. Here are a few ways that attention-seeking entity might be trying to destroy your small business.

1. It Tells You There’s Nothing New to Learn

You’ve been in your industry a while, and you’ve amassed quite a lot of knowledge in your field. Your business is doing pretty well, and you’re kinda thinking you own the world. So you shut down from taking in any new information. Your brain is full, you think.

The danger of thinking like this: Thinking there’s nothing left to learn puts you at a disadvantage because those around you will continue to be open to new knowledge. Technological changes mean there’s always something new to discover, and with the attitude of “I’m always open to learning,” you’ll continue to rise to new heights.

2. It Tells You You’re Not Worth What You Really Are

Maybe you have the opposite problem with your ego: when it comes to setting prices or terms, you opt for what feels safe. You charge less than anyone else in your industry…to your detriment. You’re simply afraid to raise your rates or ask for more because you worry you’ll get turned down.

The danger of thinking like this: First, it’s fear-based. You can’t operate as an entrepreneur from a place of fear, nor from your comfort zone. Second, you’re struggling financially when you don’t have to. Try this: raise your rates just 10% and see what your new client’s reaction is. Likely they won’t even blink. Once you feel more confident, raise rates for all new clients (and maybe even old ones).

3. It Tells You That You Don’t Need Help

When you’re a Type A personality, the way many entrepreneurs are, you can feel like no one is as capable as you are at running your small business. While certainly there are particular aspects that you are the best at, it’s impossible to be good at everything.

The danger of thinking like this: Burnout. If you continue to try to do everything, not only will you find it physically and emotionally impossible, but you’ll also start to slip and do everything less than perfectly. Delegate even one task , and you’ll find the joy in freeing up your time to focus on what you actually enjoy doing.

Don’t let your ego get in your way. You’re in control, so step up and make sure you’re acting in the best interest of your company!