The B2B world is thriving right now, but that also means that the pressure to stand out is growing increasingly difficult and, from a long term perspective, daunting. Even a unique and highly worthwhile offering will fade into obscurity if you don’t find the proper way to market and incentivize your business to clients, but where do you get started?

First, you need to understand what B2B, or business to business, has to offer your company. It can be quite different to selling to customers, as you create a supply chain between other businesses. Interacting and selling to employees from many different companies can feel strange at first, and may take a while to get a hang of, but there are many tips that can make sure you stand out in the B2B landscape.

Boost Your Loyalty Program for B2B Customers

With customer churn rates as high as 30% in some industries (as of 2021), one of the best ways to stand out is to prioritize your existing client base. True, it might not be as conspicuous and ‘out there’ as a creative marketing strategy, but, in the long run, B2B customer loyalty programmes are far more advantageous to you, and your business’s long-term goals. Make sure people think of and go to you before anyone else.

Don’t have a loyalty programme? Start one by utilizing a service that is purpose-built to create a tailored B2B incentive programme that suits your existing business model, and actively works to boost B2B customer loyalty, rather than simply draw in passing business. It’s vital to encourage a loyal customer base, as this will get your name out there.

In other words, promotional offers for new customers may make for a great opening line when it comes to setting yourself apart from competitors, but tomorrow could see your biggest competitor go one better. In the long-term, making B2B loyalty the priority will truly pay off.

Remember that B2B is not Synonymous with ‘Brandless’

The notion that B2B enterprises don’t need to pursue strong branding or personality is one of the main reasons why so many of us are wondering how to stand out in the B2B landscape.

And, while the majority of B2B enterprises no doubt invests in their branding to some extent – at the very least, you need a name and a logo – many remain quite stuck on the idea that everything else is unnecessary embellishment.

Now more than ever, however, more and more B2B companies are embracing the creative side of branding. Why? Because, even outside of the B2B industry, creating a cohesive, streamlined and user-friendly experience is key to ensuring swift and repeated sales. It also needs to be memorable, something that will stick and be obvious, to catch the eye of anyone passing through the pages and pages of suppliers. Branding helps catch browsers and holds their attention, getting your business to them faster and more efficiently.

Branding is more than the name and logo you print on your invoices; it’s the lasting impression left on customers. Your branding makes your company stand out and last in the memory of your customers. The colours you use, the iconography, even the font used in your branding leaves a mark on your customers and keeps you in their minds.

Offer Help Rather than Straightforward Pitches

Sales pitches keep the wheels of sales turning, but, these days, many of us are growing more than a little fatigued with the traditional sales pitch. New and returning customers know why they are turning to your business, but they might not know everything that your company is capable of doing.

In days gone by, this would have prompted a flashy sales pitch peppered with highly specific terminology and impressive, though somewhat perplexing, jargon. Increasingly, B2B customers are looking to take more direct advantage of your expertise, and to find out whether your enterprise is going to help them, or simply pitch to them.

In other words, focus on making it clear that the solution you’re offering is the solution they need, or they may hang up the phone or walk out of the meeting wondering if they even came to the right person in the first place. Perhaps even convince them that the solution you have is the solution they need.

The world of business to business trading can be a daunting landscape to broach, but it can also provide opportunities that are inaccessible to the more typical companies and sellers. It is hugely worthwhile to study and prepare yourself for trading between businesses, to build partnerships and loyal customers and to keep strong relationships between the customer companies you sell to, to ensure you stay ahead of the game in the ever changing landscape of B2B.