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Here are a few of the statements our members have made about the Small Business Bonfire. Be sure to check out all of the membership benefits mentioned below. And you may also want to read the Top 5 Reasons to Join the Small Business Bonfire.

The Small Business Bonfire is an amazing “think tank” of resources, tools and sound advice. It is also a collaborative and social community of small business entrepreneurs that come together to share and learn. As a member of the Bonfire, I instantly found highly relevant and timely business materials and tools that I used to increase my business presence and sharpen my core offerings.

The Small Business Bonfire wants you to succeed! Their focus and attention to detail with their members is daily and hands-on. You simply cannot find that type of insider business support any place else.

I have seen my business greatly increase since joining the Bonfire and would tell everyone that this is the place to collaborate, learn, laugh and spark your business.

Sabrina Espinal
New York, NY
Sabrina&Company Social Marketing

You CAN make it personal and business! I have found the Small Business Bonfire to be a truly refreshing and rewarding online community. It is a place where budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners share knowledge and resources for mutual success, support, and enjoyment.

I highly recommend sitting around the Bonfire to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, rekindle your business embers, or stoke the life experiences of others.

Bill Simmel
New Jersey
Phoenix ONE Sales and Marketing

The Bonfire is not just your typical ‘white bread,’ but more like your all-natural, whole grain, right-out-of-the-oven fresh bread.

Marilyn Stafford
Fayetteville, AR
Alliance Virtual Services

The Red Hot Tool of the Week email alone is worth the entire price of a paid membership — and it’s free!

Allison Bliss
Oakland, CA
Allison Bliss Consulting

Through the Small Business Bonfire I have been able to build great relationships with other small business owners.

I have hosted guest posts from Bonfire members on my blog, Suess’s Pieces, as well as contributed guest posts to other members’ blogs. This exchange has been a great way for all of us to reach new audiences as well as bring fresh, new voices and perspectives to our blogs. It also generates a network of links that build our sites’ reputations in the eyes of search engines.

This is just one of the ways that the Small Business Bonfire makes collaboration easier for entrepreneurs.

Emily Suess
Indianapolis, IN
Emily Suess, Freelance Writer

Having been a fan of Alyssa Gregory even before the Small Business Bonfire, I was excited to join the Bonfire.

The articles on the blog by Alyssa and other contributors are very informative and inspiring. And the Bonfire is a great way to get your work out there. With links to my website, I recently began a bartering deal with another member, a web developer, who contacted me about a project via the Bonfire.

Plus, the Bonfire Facebook page is a convenient way to keep up-to-date with small business news!

Jim Queeno
New York
On Q Graphic Design

What I love most about Alyssa’s writing is that the reader actually understands what she is saying and is able to apply it to their own business immediately — as in 2 or 3 hours after reading the article!

Alyssa taught me an awful lot, and has indirectly helped make me a lot of money and made me a better businessman, too. I can’t thank her enough.

Andrew Cooper
Manchester, UK
Kaboom Studios

The Small Business Bonfire is an easy way to connect with other people who are thinking about small business. I’ve already hosted one guest post through the Bonfire, and I’ve started conversations with numerous other community members.

I look forward to more ways we can grow in our endeavors through Small Business Bonfire community discussions and sharing of ideas.

Leora Wenger
New Jersey
Leora Wenger Web Designer LLC

I just really want to say that I LOVE this site and I think you guys are doing a wonderful thing for entrepreneurs. It’s a great community with amazing support and real tools. Thank you for what you do. :)

Liz Jackson
Tallahassee, FL
Bite Of Your Life Couture Bakery & Sweet Studio

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