How to Recruit the Best Seasonal Employees

Seasonal hiring can mean the holiday season for your business, or another time of year that is especially busy for you. But whenever you are ramping up your staff, it’s about more than just getting a warm body in front of a register. Hiring employees is always about finding someone good enough to represent your business.

Seasonal workers can have a huge impact on your business, so don’t be lured into making reckless hiring decisions in your haste to save time. As you review the tips in the feature article linked below, keep in mind that:

    • Your new hires may be the first and only face new customers and seasonal shoppers see. First impressions are everything.
    • Competent seasonal employees help you bring in the money that keeps you afloat in slow months.
    • Building relationships with your seasonal staff can make it easier to fill positions in the future, whether you need to cover for an employee on maternity leave or need help again for next year’s holiday season.

Read the full article on U.S. Bank Connect.

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