How to Deal with the Pressure of Being a Home-Based Business Owner

If you work from home, you probably feel like you work all the time. And if you are one of the super-disciplined ones who can successfully walk away from your home office for a day or two (or even a few hours!), you still probably feel like your work is never done. This is one of the downfalls of being a home-based business owner — you live, breathe, eat and sleep your business.

This self-created obsession can be good in some instances because it can make you more productive and efficient. But if you don’t get a handle on the pressure of being submerged in your work all of the time, it can quickly lead to stress, physical pain and burnout.

I recently wrote two articles for U.S. Bank Connect that will help you first decide if being a home-based business owner is the right decision for you, and then deal with the challenge of always being accessible. Click the links below to read the articles.

Is a home-based business right for you?

There are many advantages to having a home-based business, but it’s not the right path for everyone. Review these tips to see if working from home will work for you. Read article.

How to deal with 24/7 accessibility

If you feel like you’re always connected and have trouble walking away, you need a plan to take back your personal time. These tips will help get you started. Read article.

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  1. I know how discouraged people feel when a home business does not turn out well. I used to run a construction business while working online for over 4 years. I is a struggle to find ways to actually succeed. But the biggest thing that I have found to block my way to make money is to have a good mentor and a good marketing plan. If you don’t work with someone who has already succeeded and if you don’t know how to advertise correctly, than your business will fall.
    Get a mentor and advertize as a professional and you can sell anything.

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