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Kick Butt in 2013: Free Goal Setting and Action Planner Download

Ahhhh, I love this time of year. And not just because of the smell of pine needles and Christmas cookies that permeates the house. This time of year, as we close out one year and prepare for the next, is filled with hope and anticipation. A new year is upon us. It’s a clean slate; a chance to do everything that got pushed to the back burner this year. A chance to reach greatness.

But you won’t get far in 2013 without a plan and some solid goals. In fact, that’s the biggest reason why so many of our dreams fizzle out and die before we even reach February. We lose steam, get distracted and forget what it is we’re doing and why. Don’t let that happen this year! Make 2013 the year you kick some serious butt.

I recently wrote a blog post for the FedEx Out of Office blog that talks about goal setting and action planning…and how you need to do those things in order to be successful. I mention the power of SMART goals that you can break into bite-sized chunks. And how you will not only get things done this way, but you’ll also be building momentum and staying motivated throughout the process.

You already know that the simple truth behind being successful is consistency — creating a plan, taking small steps every day, making slow and steady progress from consistent action. But at the same time you need to stay focused and fight the feelings of overwhelm that may show up. To do this, you need access to the right tools.

So here is a free goal setting and action planner for you to try out. Take some time and think through your goals, break them down, and set the intention to do something every day to get you closer to your goals. Put it all down on paper; be consistent; stay focused… Make 2013 your year of greatness.

Click below to grab the free download: 
Goal Setting and Action Planner

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