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Bonfire Buzz: 7 Must-Read Articles on Facebook Timeline for Pages

Bonfire Buzz: 7 Must-Read Articles on Facebook Timeline for Pages

I am sure this is not the first you’ve heard about the launch of Timeline for Pages on Facebook (it became available this past Wednesday). Although with all of the information flying around, you may not have grasped what you need to know in order to prepare your Pages for Timeline.

My advice? Slow it down! You have until March 30, so take time to read up on the changes; prepare your graphics, content, strategy and promotions; and then upgrade your page once you’re completely ready. Don’t jump into this half-baked.

Out of the 75+ articles I’ve read this week on the upgrade (see, I’m doing my research!), I’ve streamlined the process for you by selecting seven articles that I think are most useful for small business owners. If you do nothing else this weekend, give these few articles a scan so you know what you need to know about Timeline.

28 Things You Need To Know About The New Facebook Pages, Kissmetrics — A quick yet thorough look at the changes that are coming your way, including everything from the new cover photos to Insights.

Facebook Timeline for Brands: What Does This Mean for Marketers?, Social Media Today — Another great overview, but this one specifically from a marketing perspective. Small business owners (AKA wearers of all hats), take note!

Facebook Timeline for Pages: Frequently Asked Questions, HyperArts Blog — If you have a specific question about Timeline for Pages, chances are you will find the answer here. Bookmark it; it’s being updated frequently.

20 Amazingly Branded Company Facebook Timeline Pages, Creative Guerrilla Marketing — The best way to get creative when it comes to your cover image (and you will need to be creative because there are some seriously limiting rules), is to see what others are doing.

How to Convert Your Facebook Page Over to the New Timeline Layout (VIDEO TUTORIAL), John Haydon — When you’re ready to upgrade, this 11-minute video will walk you through the process. Just make sure you don’t click Publish until you are absolutely ready (there is no going back).

Facebook Fan Page Timeline: How to Edit a Tab Image, Wendy Moore — With Timeline, your tab icons are now larger (111×74) and show up horizontally under your cover photo. But you’re not stuck with the graphic put there by the app you’re using. You can change those thumbnails to anything you want. This post walks you through the process.

The Public Can See Facebook Timeline Page Insights, All Facebook — Did you know that Timeline for Pages comes with the ability for the public to see some of your Page insights, including most popular week, most popular city and  most popular age group. No, you didn’t know that? Then read this post.

Once you’ve transitioned your Page to Timeline, share the link in the comments!

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