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Bonfire Buzz: Using Fear

Bonfire Buzz: Using Fear

Think fear can only be a negative force in business?  Not always.  While experiencing fear as an entrepreneur can create hurdles on the pathway to success, it can also motivate you to keep moving your business forward.  Small business owners must use the fear they are confronted with to motivate them to make smarter business decisions and any necessary adjustments to their business in order to succeed.

If you have ever experienced fear as a business owner, this week’s collection of articles will encourage you to overcome and use your fear to continue to succeed.

Use the Fear

Fear can be a controlling force.  Rather than allowing fear to stop you from achieving greatness, try author Marla Tabaka’s suggestions for turning fear into opportunity through a change in thinking.

Do You Fear Success?

Often our biggest hurdle in business is ourselves; we start out with a business plan, but aren’t prepared for what to do when the business takes off and we’ve got more business than we can handle.  So we hold ourselves back out of fear of success. has a great article that can show how to plan for and push through fear.

Afraid You’re Not Awesome Enough?

While it’s important to be the best you can be in your market, it is also important to remember that The Best isn’t something everyone is looking for.  As reminds readers, as a business owner you need to always be clear, concise, and affordable, this will continue to attract new customers.

Push Yourself

As an entrepreneur, you can’t let fear keep you from venturing outside your box or from taking on a challenging goal.  In fact, as Scott H. Young writes pushing yourself to do hard things causes you and by proxy your business to grow.

Be Confident

Don’t let fear or doubt stop you from launching your dream, confidence is key in excelling in today’s market. has a great collection of techniques to bolster your self-confidence and your business.

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