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Bonfire Buzz: 2012 Small Business Trends

Bonfire Buzz: 2012 Small Business Trends

What does 2012 have in store for small business owners? No one knows for sure, but a lot of people have identified trends and made predictions about what’s to come. Here are a few to browse as you plan your business activities for the year.

5 Quick Small Business Trends

To start us off, Steve Strauss, business columnist for USA Today, shares five 2012 trends for small business in this MSNBC Top 5 video.

Read more on MSNBC’s Your Business: 2012 Small Business Trends

Shaping Small Business

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing is at it again with his annual small business predictions. See what five trends he says are going to impact small business the most in 2012.

Read more on Duct Tape Marketing: 5 Trends That Will Shape Small Business in 2012

Social Media Predictions

If you want to know what’s coming in social media so you can target your activities for the greatest ROI, this is a must-read. These experts have all the bases covered.

Read more on Social Media Examiner: 30 Social Media Predictions for 2012 From the Pros

Mobile Search Trends

If you’re not mobile search-savvy, it looks like this is the year that will need to change. Lots of information to absorb in this one, so make sure you are ready to take notes so you can dig in later on.

Read more on Search Engine Land: 6 Mobile Search Optimization Trends For 2012

More Social Media and Marketing Predictions

This post rounds out the list of predictions with six trends you shouldn’t ignore in 2012. For more, check out these technology predictions from Apptivo, too.

Read more on Apptivo: 6 Marketing and Social Media Predictions for 2012

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4 Comments on Bonfire Buzz: 2012 Small Business Trends

  1. This is a great list but it going to take me a while to get around to all the suggestions. Weekend reading I’d recommend!

    • Yes, it is weekend reading, for sure! Lots of great info, though, so it’s worth the time. Thanks for commenting, Niall!

  2. Thanks Alyssa. That’s a great set of resources and I’m looking forward to reading them and applying them to my 2012 strategy! I just joined the bonsfire so looking forward to getting to know everyone too.

    • Excellent, Tom. Glad to have you as a member of our community!

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