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36 Rules of Social Media

36 Rules of Social Media

By Alyssa Gregory

Are there “rules” for using¬†social media? Is there some master list of “to do’s” and “not to do’s” that each of us active in social media should follow…or else? Most people who have been out there in the trenches for the last few years probably feel like they have an idea of what constitutes good social media behavior and what qualifies as bad (myself included!). But what I’ve learned is that what works for one brand may not be the best approach for another.

In general, while I wouldn’t say there are hard-and-fast rules when it comes to social media marketing, there are certainly best practices out there and lots of experiences we all can learn from.

Earlier this week, I stumbled across this gem from Fast Company in 2012. Sure, it’s a couple of years old, but the tips are still extremely valuable for anyone using social media. I especially love numbers 2, 7, 21, 27, 34 and 36.

Which tips are most relevant for you?
What would you add to this list of social media rules?

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About Alyssa Gregory

Alyssa is a small business owner, speaker, writer and collaboration-addict. She's a team player, a team builder and not a bad leader, either. You can often find her on various social networks looking for remarkable people to collaborate with. Read more.
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2 Comments on 36 Rules of Social Media

  1. Great find! In addition to the rules you pointed out, I like 10, 16, 17, and 33. I’m a big proponent of humanizing interaction on social (and online in general). Luckily, most brands have now realized that social flag-planting is pointless, but #17 is still worth the mention. And #33 is the kind of thing that should be out into poster form and hung prominently in every marketing and communications department.

    • #33 is a good one, Kevin. Actually, I see a few that are worthy of their own posters! Good reminders for everyone active in social media.

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